U.S NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY "We invest in people with the integrity, energy, motivation and passion to invest in themselves".

USNIA Investigative Services

USNIA provides Investigative Services with experts from previous law enforcement backgrounds. The expertise and experience of our investigators ranges from retired Fugitive Recovery Agents, Crime Scene Investigators, and Forensics Experts. Each of our Investigators brings their own unique qualifications to the table to ensure a thorough and complete investigation.


Want to join a dynamic and powerful team of global security agents? Contact us for career opportunities.


We offer a wide range of security services and investigating options including Domestic, Corporate, and Specialty Services. When you need Security Officers or Investigators, we’re here with the knowledge, expertise, experience, professionalism, technology capabilities, and ethical standards to get the job done. Wherever you’re located, we canhelp you find solutions:

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