In order to become an Armed Security Officer students will undergo all the training and process needed for an unarmed guard (Tier 1).


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In order to become an Armed Security Officer students will undergo all the training and process needed for an unarmed guard (Tier 1). Defensive Tactics is a pragmatic and effective skill set that is comprised of a variety of techniques for empty hand defense, civilian legal edged and blunt force weapons, improvised weapons and firearms skills. The role of defensive tactics in law enforcement is to assist officers in performance of arrest and restraint and to increase the margin of safety for both the officer and the suspect. Defensive tactics charge the officer with protecting others as well as themselves.
USNIA Instructors offer a modern, reality-based method of defensive training that provides solutions to a multiplicity of armed and unarmed threats. Showcasing scenarios for real life violent encounters, this 20-hour training course is characterized by a logical and progressive approach to learning that results in a highly effective, easy to learn, natural and practical method for defensive tactics. Our training prepares officers to respond with sound, aggressive, unarmed defensive techniques and combative practices until a transition to higher force options or safe control can be achieved.
Security Officers may face situations in which they must, “stop the problem and take control as quickly as possible.” Therefore our training enables officers to deal with the most violent offenders they encounter while remaining acutely aware of reasonable use-of-force and civil liability issues. The techniques are easy to learn in a short period of time, are easy to retain with minimal review and are designed to be performed under extreme stress.
Safety is paramount in all situations – before, during and after the confrontation. Our instructors consist of sworn, licensed law enforcement and security officers and are highly experienced in a broad range of safety situations.
USNIA training program courses will assist students in outlining a plan for completing the program and achieving career goals. This training is a personal investment into your security career. Just as a degree or certification for any job, having a handgun permit will place you into a higher level. Completion of this training by NO means a guarantee of employment with our Agency.


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