USNIA's  Student Ambassador Program 


USNIA's training program brings together an exciting group of diverse students from various academic and professional backgrounds.   USNIA's holistic learning approach is flexible and allows you to work at your own pace.  I encourage you to apply. If you want to be part of an exciting team of students and educators that are making a difference in our communities- Join USNIA!!!                   -Maria   USNIA Student Ambassador

iUnited States National Intelligence Agency (USNIA)

 We are the Defenders of the Universe!!!

USNIA's Innovative Scenario Based Training

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Your Success is our Mission!

Our goal is to ensure each individual has an opportunity to gain complete knowledge and awareness of various law enforcement, investigative and technology curricula to be better apt at serving as senior professionals in the law enforcement, investigative, technology and support services fields as private and or special police officials.

Our Purpose
We provide an enhanced learning experience for individuals seeking careers in the law enforcement arena.  Our process includes provision of law enforcement training opportunities for people in our local communities with career placement in various fields as well as special/private police officers.

Our Approach
Our approach provides a bridge between law enforcement and communities- we provide opportunities for training and education for community members such as the youth, veterans and other residents, while providing long term careers not just short term transactional jobs.  

Our training programs are provided in partnership with our affiliate partners and with our community outreach arm- These focus areas enable our overall goals to "train, clean up the communities and rebuild" 
We are centered on community policing from the vantage point of investing in and teaching individuals in the local communities - this will increase knowledge and awareness.