USNIA's Commitment

We provide general as well as specific training, from the finest and innovative trainers in the business. Our trainers have over 50-years of military and law enforcement training experience. Our investigations are discreet and thorough. Our organization is strong, effective, and client-friendly. Our guard service observes, reports, and is vigilant in its deterrence of any criminal activity. Protecting our clients is more than a service, it is our duty. A duty that starts from the moment USNIA is chosen to secure your interests.
•    Customer Service and Customer Relations
•    Uniform and Appearance
•    Report Writing
•    Active Shooter
•    Emergencies and Evacuation
•    Bomb Threats
•    Post Orders
•    ASP Baton/Handcuffing
•    Defensive Tactics
•    O.C. Spray
•    CPR/First Aid
•    Use of Force
•    Laws of Arrest and Search and SeizureType your paragraph here.

USNIA provides Investigative 

services with experts from previous law enforcement backgrounds.  The expertise and experience of our investigators ranges from retired Fugitive Recovery Agents, Crime Scene Investigators and forensics experts. Each of our Investigators  brings their own unique qualifications to the table to benefit your case.

We offer a wide range of investigating  options including Domestic, Corporate, and Specialty Services. When you need Investigators, we're here with the knowledge, expertise, experience, professionalism, technology capabilities and ethical standards to get the job done! Wherever you're located we can help you "Find the Truth".

We investigate all crimes against humanity.
  • Surveillance
  • ALS (Alternative Light Source)
  • Digital Forensics
  • Polygraph Exams
  • Information gathering
  • Court records searches
  • Lab analysis
  • Legal Process Service
  • Pretexts
  • Interviews

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USNIA Investigative Services

iUnited States National Intelligence Agency (USNIA)

 We are the Defenders of the Universe!!!